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Community Kink Recommended Websites

Cock Control: This site features dozens of skilled, authoritative women who enjoy taking control of a man's most prized possession - his cock. For Cock Control phone sessions, call 800-356-6169.

Vox Erotic: This website offers an exploration of the fantasy mind. Intelligent and skilled fantasy artists speak one on one with you to indulge and explore your deepest fantasies.

Humiliatrix: Humiliatrix is a fun site which appeals to those who enjoy humiliation. Melissa and her girlfriends are skilled at the art of humiliation, from playful and fun to cruel and mean. If you're into humiliation, you should definitely check out this site.

The Dicktator: If you're a member of our chat community you may be familiar with Ms. Cassandra. She is seriously into chastity and cock control. Visit her chastity website.

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