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Home of the Cock Control and Sissy School Chat Rooms

Welcome to Adult Chat at Community Kink! Community Kink is the online xxx chat home of Cock Control, Sissy School, Phone Humiliation, Suck Patrol, and many other sites within the Cock Empire network. If you are seeking a place to discuss your kinky interests, you've found it. Community Kink aims to be a friendly, open and intelligent place for the discussion of adult kink interests, including but not limited to femdom, erotic humiliation, coerced bi interests, crossdressing—sissification—transgendered issues—sissy cuckolds and anything that falls outside the realm of "vanilla sex".

Our busiest times in the adult chat room are our Hosted Chat Events. You will find a schedule of hosted chats here.


Among our popular adult chats are:

Two Bitch Tuesday with Mistress Elizabeth and a different Guest Mistress each week. This chat is popular among hardcore humiliation fans.

Feminization Chat with Mistress Cecilia in the Feminization Chat room. All things girlie are the topics of choice during Ms Cecilia's sissy girl chat.

Fabulous Fem Chat with Ms Cecilia and Ms Carmen. More of what you'll find during Ms Cecilia's chat, just twice as nice!

Throbbing Thursdays with Ms Hannah and Ms Lilah in the Tease Chat room. Sexy cockteases Lilah and Hannah offer a combination Radio Show—Online chat every Thursday night, with special discounts on two-girl tease calls.

Ms Tara's Teaparty on Friday Evenings. All the sissies get dressed up extra pretty and gather together with Hostess, Ms Tara.

Strange Sex Sundays with Ms Cecilia and Ms Claire: Do your interests range to the super-kinky? Find out what strange sex subject Cecilia and Claire are talking about. Recent shows featured food fetish, robot fetish, doll fetish, mummification, and more!

To learn more about our kinky fetishes, visit Library of Kink.


Kinky and Educational! Read Essays And Articles on Varios Kink Topics, Written by the Chat Hosts of Community Kink:

Feminization Articles:

A Day in the Life of a Sissy Maid: Ms Courtney diaries a day in the life of a sissy maid.

Have you ever been Caught Crossdressing? Ms Heather knows some crossdressers who have! Read her article and find out about it.

In this essay, Ms Heather writes from about Crossdressing Men from the perpective of a genetic female.

What goes on in the bedroom of a Crossdressing man and his female partner? A sneak peek inside the world of Crossdressing Sex.


Cuckold Articles

Mistress Cecilia wants to know: Are You a Cuckold? Read her article and find out.


Orgasm Denial Articles:

Mistress Sarah writes about the connection between Orgasm Denial and BDSM.
Mistress Ann writes about the many Benefits of Male Orgasm Denial in this essay.


Humiliation Articles and Essays:

Mistress Ava explores the topic of CFNM Humiliation. What's CFNM? Read the essay and find out about "clothed female—naked male" fantasies.


Chastity Essays and Articles

Are you a Chastity Novice? Ms Heather has some tips to get you started in a life of chastity.
Another essay from Ms Heather—this one discusses the link between Chastity Training and Orgasm Denial.

Still more on chastity from Ms Heather: this article discusses the similarities and differences of Chastity Tubes, Cages and Rings.


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